1. Can Flashnote process web links in the text?

Unfortunately Flashnote can't highlight links like RTF-editor does, because we use fast plain text editor. But nevertheless you can quickly open them in your browser. Just select link text and press Alt+G or button at the toolbar, or use CTRL+click.

You can also select any text and press ALT+G in order to search selected text in Google or any other search engine (see options).

2. Can I attach files to the notes?

No, but you can use links to that files or folders in your notes. For example, file://E:\Private\image.jpg. if you need to open such link just select it and press ALT+G or CTRL+click.

3. How can I paste a Tab character to the note? When I press Tab it switches me to the notes tree.

There are two ways. First - you can use Ctrl+I in order to paste Tab.
Second - Go to the File->Options->Advanced tab. Check the third field to use Tab key for pasting the Tab character and Ctrl+Tab to navigate between the Notes tree and the text field. If unchecked the Tab key would be used to navigate between the Notes tree and the text field and Crtl+I combination for pasting the Tab character into the note.

4. I want to backup the database. What files do I need to backup? Where Flashnote stores its database?

You can see path to the database file in the Options. Go to the File->Options->Database tab.

5. How can I move the database to another computer?

  1. Copy the database (see the previous question) to the new computer to any suitable folder.
  2. Open the Database tab in the program options.
  3. Click Switch to other database and specify the path to the copied file.

6. When Flashnote saves data? Could you include an autosave feature?

Flashnote saves the current note when you press Esc to hide the program or just switch to the other note.

7. When I perform Undo (Ctrl+Z) in Flashnote I can cancel only the last change. How can I cancel several changes?

We use plain text editor which supports only one undo level. So unfortunately you can cancel only the last change with the Undo command. But you can always use Notes->Reload current page feature to load content of the current note that was before the last save.

8. Can I use different font colors, bold, italics, add pictures to my notes?

We are trying to keep Flashnote as quick and lightweight as possible, that's why plain text editor is used in the notes. If you need to use rtf and pictures in the notes, maybe you need a fullfeatured personal information manager.

9. I don't like Alt+S as a hotkey for Flashnote. How can I change it?

See the File->Options->Hot Key tab.

10. I am reinstalling Flashnote. Have backup of the .db file. How to load this file so that I can use my old notes?

  1. Open the Database tab in the program options.
  2. Click Switch to other database and specify the path to your backup .db file.

11. Is it possible to use Flashnote from a flash drive without installation (as portable version)?

Yes, you can download portable notes manager from our site.

12. Is there a Mac or Linux\Unix version?

Linix version is available. And probably we will try to port Flashnote notes manager to Mac OS.

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