Price: Free

Version: 4.8

Release date: May 25'2017

OS: Windows 10/8/7

Version for Windows XP 4.7: installer, portable

Size: 2.75 Mb

Portable: Just extract archive to any folder and run flashnote-portable.exe

Localization: Flashnote avaiable in: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

What's new

  • Added: Support for data synchronization between computers using cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Use Options -> Database -> Clone and Switch in order to move your database to the corresponding folder. For portable users: don't try to move the whole program folder into Dropbox, only the database file!
  • Please note that this version does not support Windows XP\Vista
  • Added: Database encryption support (AES-256).
  • Added: Customizable toolbar size.
  • Added: Swedish interface language, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson.
  • Improved: A lots of small corrections and improvements.
  • Added: New feature - Capture Clipboard (use tools -> capture clipboard, not available on Windows XP).
  • Added: Ctrl+tab - quick switch to last used note.
  • Added: ctrl+left mouse click at link in note open it in browser.
  • Fixed: Print text using current font settings.
  • Improved: better support for Windows 8, big fonts and other fixes.
  • Added: New feature - different interface settings (font and colors) for Note and Notes Tree.
  • Added: Support for internal link to note - like Flashnote://NoteName or fn://NoteName. Select link text and press Alt+G or icon on the toolbar in order to swith to corresponding note.
  • Added: Two new items in Tools menu for selected text - Make Lower and Make Upper.
  • Improved: Now you can run multiple copies of Flashnote if they use different database.
  • Added: Greek localization interface language, thanks to
  • Added: Norwegian localization interface language, thanks to
  • Added: Farsi localization interface language, thanks to علی رستمی
  • Added: Belarusian localization interface language, thanks to Maks Niki
  • Added: Spanish localization interface language, thanks to Brad Blanchard
  • Added: Search selected text on the internet or open selected link in browser - select text, than use Alt+G or icon in the toolbar.
  • Added: Open selected link in the browser - select needed link in the note text, then use Ctrl+left mouse click.
  • Impoved: Global search now looks through both content and name of notes.
  • Added: Dutch localization interface language, thanks to Dingoe
  • Linux version is available.
  • Added: Fast switching between databases in main menu.
  • Added: Support customization of the Insert menu.
  • Added: Statistic for selected text (length, line) Tools -> Lenght of selected text or Ctrl+F8.
  • Added: Turkish localization interface language, thanks to Ali K
  • Added: Match Case option for Global Search.
  • Added: Filter Tree option for Global Search.
  • Added: Clear filter hotkey (CTRL+F9) and search next(F3).
  • Added: Global Search (Ctrl+G).
  • Added: German localization interface language, thanks to Nico Traber
  • Added: Danish localization interface language, thanks to Regmos
  • Added: Handy interface to restoring backups - File -> Database -> Backup -> Restore.
  • Improved: Optionally turn off confirmation for new note, exit and messages after push and pop. See the Options -> Advanced.
  • Added: Support of synchronization for notes between PC's via Dropbox, shared network folder etc.
  • Fixed: Added automatic backup feature
  • Fixed: Fixed bug on multi-monitor configurations
  • Fixed: Problem with non-latin characters in program path
  • Added: Chines localization interface language, thanks to Hackson Wang
  • Added: Polish interface language, thanks to Jacek Zebrowski
  • Added: French interface language, thanks to Marc Boyer
  • Added: Arabic interface language, thanks to Mohammed Al-Foulad
  • Added: Russian interface language, thanks to Victoria Tiushkova
  • Added: Czech interface language, thanks to Pavel Zahradnik
  • Added: Japanese interface language, thanks to Tilt
  • Fixed: Error in localization mechanism
  • Added: Application Filter tab in the Options - list of programs where Flashnote shouldn't pop up on the hot key pressing
  • Added: Localization support. New interface languages will be added soon
  • Added: Support for Windows key in a global hot key combination
  • Fixed: Error while parsing the Insert menu
  • Added: Sort notes feature
  • Added: Option to reload note from the database to cancel all changes that were made since the latest saving
  • Added: Program starts in portable mode if the file name is flashnote-portable.exe
  • Optimized: Deleting of notes
  • Added: Advanced options page with the following options
    • Disable filling new note with current clipboard contents
    • Use Tab key in Text Editor
    • Hide the Search dialog after the first match is found
  • Added: Feature to export all notes to a single txt file
  • Fixed: Error during Windows 7 shutdown
  • Added: "Add to top" option in the dialog for adding a new note
  • Added: Context menu for notes tree
  • Fixed: Flashnote was restored incorrectly after minimizing with window's minimize button
  • Fixed: First copy of the program did not appear at the screen when you start the second one.
  • Added: Now Flashnote activates the last used note at start up.
  • Improved: Support for Run at Window startup option in portable mode.
  • Fixed: a few minor bugs.
  • Added: Support of Drag&Drop at notes tree.
  • Improved: A lot of small changes.
  • Fixed: all bugs :)
  • Added: Support of portable mode (flashnote.exe -p or FlashnotePortable.bat . You should copy your database notes2.db to this folder first)
  • Fixed: Errors in the 'Export Database' function
  • Added: New button 'Add New Child Note' (Ctrl+Shfit+N)
  • Added: New icons for toolbar and main menu
  • Added: Minimize on run Option.
  • Fixed: Error that appeared after data is loaded from file without further editing ("Load from File")
  • Added: Always On Top Option.
  • Fixed: Vexatious bug with data damage after "Save to File"
  • Added: Possibility to specify path to database
  • Added: Export whole database to txt files
  • Fixed: Problem with Save to File function
  • Improved: Now Flashnote has full blown unicode support. So, you can store there texts in different languages.
  • Fixed: problem with not-latin characters.
  • Note: From this version Flashnote does not work under Windows 98.

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