CppSQLite3U is a C++ unicode wrapper around the SQLite database

Some of my utilities use embeded database for storing their data. I have chose SQLite as database engine, it's very easy and fast. SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. For more information visit SQLite homepage.

Initially, I used very handy CppSQLite3 wrapper from Rob Groves. But, some time ago I had to rewrite Flashpaste for unicode support. Unfortunately, CppSQLite3 can't work in UNICODE configuration. I could not find other good wrapper with unicode support, so I decided that I should write my own wrapper for myself. I took the CppSQLite3 as a solid base for it and created CppSQLite3U class.

What did I make?

I have implemented the following clases in the unicode version : CppSQLite3Exception, CppSQLite3DB, CppSQLite3Statement, CppSQLite3Query. Additionally, I have fixed some small bugs and modernized some piece of code (procedure execQuery, execScalarStr, open etc.)


I have not written any documentation, I think that CppSQLite3 Rob Groves article would provide answers to most questions.


Download CppSQLite3U - C++ unicode wrapper around the SQLite3 embedded database library


I have tested this wrapper only in the unicode configuration, so I have no idea about its work in ANSI configuration, I think it doesn't work without modification ;)

Good Luck in your development!